Photographer Hisa (@Hisa0808) captures spectacular and impressive Japanese scenery from his unique perspective.

A recent photo he posted on his Twitter account has been getting a lot of feedback.

What he captured with his camera lens was an impressive natural scene with, at its center, a mysterious Japanese cedar tree with a massive trunk at the edge of a lake. The way the photo is framed, it stands out in the foreground from the thin-trunked trees of the forest behind it.

It's not difficult to see why the photo got noticed. See for yourself!

"This single Japanese cedar tree in a lake in Shiga Prefecture is absolutely the boss tree."

Reproduced with permission from Hisa (@Hisa0808)

With the forest reflected on the surface of the lake in front of it, and the framing of the photo making it look like the "boss tree" is guarding its entrance, the scene has a decidedly mysterious atmosphere to it. As one commenter noted, it almost looks like a scene from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke.

Some of the other comments were:

  • "There are spirits at work here..."
  • "How awe-inspiring is this? Wow!"
  • "The sense of presence of this tree is amazing. It is very powerful."
  • "It looks like something out of a game."

The aura of this photo is so special that you can't help but admire it.

Hisa also posts wonderful photos on Twitter and Instagram, and is currently showing video works on TikTok, focusing on spectacular scenery. If you are interested, please take a peek.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.