Aside from being a challenging trek for visiting hikers, Mt. Fuji is definitely the most iconic symbol of Japan's natural beauty. Depicted in famous art pieces and incredibly photogenic all throughout the year, it should come as no surprise that there's also a ton of great photography of the imposing mountain.

What may come as a surprise is this picture of Mt. Fuji shared by impressive Japanese photographer mame (@daizphoto), who travels the country snapping gorgeous shots of natural scenery, took to the air this time to provide one of their most captivating photos yet. To capture the stunning shot, mame took to the skies and photographed it while they were on a flight.

That's not the reason the shot has blown so many minds on Twitter, however. The picture has people on Twitter that can't believe it's an actual photo because it looks just like a traditional Japanese ink painting!

Source: @daizphoto

Many were wowed by the presentation of the shot, comparing it to suibokuga--a traditional Japanese monochrome painting style using only water and ink but often capturing complex details. mame's awesome shot from above shows off misty clouds as well as ridges and the surface of the mountain range not easily seen from above. Without being told it was taken from a plane, one could easily imagine this to be an ink painting.

This artistic shot is just one of many awesome photos mame has taken from around Japan. For more awesome photography as seen below, be sure to follow mame on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.