If you've ever enjoyed cheap and delicious sushi plates at kaiten-zushi, or conveyor belt/revolving sushi, in Japan, you've likely made use of the convenient hot water faucets at your table or counter seat. Stocked above each seat is a batch of green tea powder you can throw in a cup, and mix with the instantly dispensed hot water for a piping hot cup of green tea to pair with your meal.

Lost in the instant convenience of it is that people sometimes walk away with some watery green tea lacking in flavor. While it's sort of become and accepted compromise to getting fast food sushi, it doesn't always have to be that way! At least, that's what one TikTok video that's been making waves in Japan says!

In response to the idea of having bad tea at kaiten-zushi, Coro (corocoro_coffee), shared a video that's been enlightening a lot of people.

As Coro explains, a lot of people simply throw in the powder, pour hot water, and stir. The trick to unlocking a fuller flavor cup is to actually pour the powder, a little bit of hot water, mix it first, then fill your cup up with the rest of hot water. Coro says they learned this simple tea lifehack as a barista at Starbucks--perhaps when making delicious matcha concoctions.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.