Coffee house chain Komeda's Coffee is largely known in Japan for their surprisingly large portion sizes and generous Nagoya-style breakfast sets, one of its most popular menu items is their signature dessert--the Shiro-Noir. The Shiro-Noir is a soft but crunchy Danish pastry topped with soft cream, and comes in a variety of tasty flavors, and also lives up to the chain's reputation for big servings.

So when Komeda's Coffee announced that their latest rendition of the Shiro-Noir would be inspired by Black Thunder, one of Japan's favorite chocolate bars, sweets fans couldn't wait to line up to get a table. Black Thunder is a small chocolate coated cocoa cookie bar mixed with Japanese-style rice puffs, available for as 30 yen.

Twitter user Hanako (@gohan_okashi_) was one of the many sweets fans excited to try the new limited release Shiro-Noir Black Thunder out. When it arrived at her table, however, she was so struck by the sight of it that she had to share photos of it to Twitter that have many saying "my God, Komeda has done it again."

And the reason is pretty obvious when you compare it to the sample image on the menu!

Source: @gohan_okashi_

Source: @gohan_okashi_

The Shiro-Noir is slathered in so much chocolate sauce that unlike the picture on the menu, you can't even see the Danish pastry bread beneath. While the heavy heaping of whipped cream and crunchy Black Thunder bits and rice puffs would be decadent enough for sweets lovers, the overdelivering of the chocolate sauce has Komeda's Coffee's regulars praising the chain for once again hitting them with what they jokingly call "reverse fraud."

The rest of the dish looks quite filling as well, to say the least!

Source: @gohan_okashi_

Source: @gohan_okashi_

"I came right away to try the Shiro-Noir Black Thunder, but I'm shivering at how there is like five times more chocolate than in the picture."

The Shiro-Noir Black Thunder has proved to be a pleasant case of "false" advertisement, with many diners leaving pleased comments on the post after seeing what it really looks like:

"That's our Komeda's Coffee. In a way, they never betray our expectations even when it's different."

"I was like, "no way..." This is caloric violence."

"I laughed at the fact that the "Shiro Noir" ("shiro" means white in Japanese, and "noir" means black in French, so the dessert means "black and white") was just black."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.