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Sushi lovers hypnotized by video of conveyor belt sushi chain’s genius aburi searing method

When it comes to popular Japanese kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) chain Kurazushi, the restaurant is more or less known for its limited time affordable deals for higher quality nigiri. One of its more popular constant menu items however is its aburi, which is lightly torched or seared nigiri sushi.

Typically at most sushi restaurants, a sushi chef will carefully administer a blowtorch to sushi to flame the topping just to the right level of cooked to make the perfect aburi. Kurazushi has a bit of a different system, and when YouTube channel Kura Sushi 178 Inaba News revealed the mystery of how the chain prepares their aburi behind the scenes, sushi fans couldn't stop watching!

Here's how Kurazushi actually prepares their aburi sushi!

It turns out Kurazushi has a totally automated system where their sushi is seared by machines, and not human hands at all! Many people commented that they thought that staff members were burning each individual piece with a gas burner in the back, but it appears this is automated system is actually quite safer.

Many watching for the first time were impressed to learn that Kurazushi actually uses flame resistant plates and praised the system as genius, as well as amused at the dramatic presentation of the aburi "riding off into the sunset."

Next time you order aburi at Kurazushi, you can remember this dramatic behind the scenes preparation process.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.