While your first impression of fugu, or pufferfish, in Japan may be a gourmet delicacy that carries an element of risk to it if that properly prepared, the puffy little fish actually make for quite a popular cute pet.

The Kyoto Freshwater Pufferfish Research Institute (@puffers_island) raises and sells bred freshwater pufferfish to customers through their online store for that purpose. However, before sending one off, they need to make sure the pufferfish has eaten properly as well as taken care of its restroom business, and thus can't give them any extra food in the interval before sending them off.

Which makes for the often unfortunate but adorable scene of the institute's pufferfish protesting and demanding food while the staff picks out which ones they can send out. The institute recently shared a photo of how the pufferfish lineup and haunt members with longing glares asking for food, that while a bit scary, may just be too cute to resist!

Source: @puffers_island

With their puffed out bellies and intense stares, it's any wonder the institute can refuse them food while they sort out a shipment! Fortunately, members were able to pick out two pufferfish safe to be shipped to a customer--and then provided a video of just what feeding time is like once its safe to eat again!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.