One of the joys of having a hamster is watching them happily stuff their signature puffy cheeks with their favorite food--although sometimes when they get greedy and steal treats that don't belong to them, they can become so stuffed you don't even recognize them.

Mugimil19 (@mugimil19), who often shares the daily shenanigans of her hamster, Koguma, on Twitter, may have provided the ultimate example of that kind of food-fueled transformation. Mugimil19 recently treated Koguma to their favorite snack, a (pesticide-free) apple slice. However, Koguma was so delighted by the apple that she produced bulging cheeks that are impossible to believe are hidden in such a small face, and flashed a smile that will have you thinking Koguma is not a hamster at all, but an entirely different species!

Source: @mugimil19

Completely overjoyed by the apple, Koguma's cheek pouches bulge to the brim so much it's almost like she's simply grinning the world's biggest grin--then you remember that she's filled them with every bit of her favorite snack! The photo of Koguma has many on Twitter in love, with one commenter putting it best by saying that "only for hamsters is greed a super positive trait."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.