Nothing says "welcome home" quite the way a pet excited to see you after a long while does. Whether you've been gone on a trip or just out for work, hearing them whine in relief as they dance around and greet you happily is enough to melt your heart and feels like a touching reunion no matter how long you were away.

Twitter user @RKfWUAQ1xbOEEAp is quite fortunate, and perhaps unique, in that she gets to have that sort of emotional reunion with her adorable shiba inu Suzu multiple times a day within her very home.

While that might sound a bit strange, it's explained by a video the dog owner shared that shiba lovers watching on loop with hearts in their eyes. As it turns out, anytime @RKfWUAQ1xbOEEAp comes down from the second floor of her home, Suzu excitedly greets her as if they haven't seen each other in days!

"This is the "touching reunion" we have multiple times a day. It happens every time I come down from the second floor."

Suzu runs up to her owner carrying her favorite toy with a beaming doggy smile, wagging tale, and a voice that sounds like she's been missing her for ages. Her owner doesn't seem one bit tired of the endless reunions (and how could you be?), enthusiastically giving Suzu pats on the head and reassuring her that she hasn't gone far at all. The heartwarming video has quickly blown up with dog lovers online, as you can really feel the love dogs have for their owners through it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.