Popular Japanese donuts chain Mister Donut has found a great combination of cute and delicious with its hit Pokémon donuts, and this year they are bring them back with a special Christmas makeover. In addition to the usual Pikachu Donut, the new “Pikachu Snowman Donut” will also be added for a limited time!

p>The Christmas collection of donuts, which are currently available at Mister Donut locations throughout the country, sees popular Pokémon characters turned into delicious pastries.

Pikachu Donut

The classic Pokémon donut has returned, which depicts Pikachu’s adorable face, is coated with pudding flavored chocolate.

Pikachu Snowman Donut

The new addition for the series is this Pikachu Snowman, which is coated in white chocolate shiny powdered sugar just like snow.

The collaboration also includes three "sandwich" like donuts that include:

Suya-suya Pikachu Donut

Pudding flavored custard cream and whipped cream with a Pikachu motif.

Fuwa-fuwa Jigglypuff Donut

Sweet strawberry chocolate-coated with a Jigglypuff motif.

Kira-kira Pikachu Snowman Donut

White chocolate coated, like the Pikachu Snowman donuts.

The special winter menu of Pokémon donuts will be available until the end of December at Mister Donut locations throughout Japan.

By - Mugi.