Whether it's on a convenience store shelf or at a fancy gourmet sweets shop, Japan's fruit sandwiches really do stand out. The dessert sandwiches that pack carefully arranged fruit pieces and whipped cream between fluffy white bread slices are quite tasty, and very popular for their colorful "Instagrammable" aesthetic. They're definitely known as much for their looks as they are for their taste.

Japanese culinary researcher and sweets master nao (@nao2748/Instagram, @kitchenmeow/Twitter) has found a way to make the creamy fruit sandwiches look even more eye-popping than they already are. You may remember nao for their adorably delicious corgi face and butt sweet dumplings, but their take on fruit sandwiches takes a different approach--

--decorating them with a 2D aesthetic that makes them look like food out of a comic!

nao's fruit sandwiches, which use fresh strawberries to create a cherry pattern, look great on their own, but after expertly using chocolate to emphasize the outlines, they look like they popped right off the panel of a comic. You could almost call it a waste to bite into something so artistic, but how often do you get to eat comic book food? The sandwiches have become quite the hit on Instagram, with many wishing to whip up a plate of their own.

nao says they got the idea from watching YouTuber RedMoon's 2D cartoon-style strawberry shortcake, and studied it to apply to a fruit sandwich.

This isn't the first time nao has made some awesome fruit sandwiches, however. Check out some of their awesome dessert sandwiches below, and make sure to follow for even more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.