• "A totally different person! It's just amazing."
  • "Are you sure they're the same person? I had to look twice."
  • "I actually like both..."

These were only some of the comments elicited by a pair of photos posted by Japanese university student and Twitter user フゥジ Fuuji showing the way they looked in the morning and evening the same day.

Here's Fuuji in the morning:

Reproduced with permission from フゥジ Fuuji

With half-closed eyes, Fuuji certainly looks tired.

Now, here's what Fuuji looks like at night time:

Reproduced with permission from フゥジ Fuuji (@missfuuji)

"Hopelessly-bad-at-mornings me vs. full-of-energy-at-nighttime me"

The difference is literally "day and night"!

As an influencer and Elle Style Insider, Fuuji posts everything from practical natural men's makeup to drag queen makeup techniques on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Of course, the makeup you see in the photo above is all their own, while the hair is a wig.

Seeing how different they look, it's no wonder the two photos side-by-side created such a stunning effect!

If you'd like to learn makeup techniques or see more stunning "before and after" photo pairs, visit Fuuji's Twitter account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.