While there's plenty of delicious fruit to be found on trees, you've likely never looked at a tree itself and thought about how great it might taste. Talented photographer Y.Takaseļ¼ˆmidori_32_), who travels Japan taking shots of gorgeous natural scenery, may have found the perfect exception to that.

On a recent trip to Hyogo, Y.Takase stumbled upon an absolutely beautiful gingko tree that has caught the eye--and perhaps even the appetite--of many on Instagram, judging by the comments. Taken at the end of November, the tree had yet to lose much of its fall leaves, and looks so perfectly round and golden some are not only admiring its stunning appearance, but also comparing it to their favorite foods.

Source: @midori_32_

While the golden fall gingko is a wonderful sight to take in for its natural splendor alone, many online are admiring just how much the tree resembles certain foods, with some calling it the most delicious looking tree in Japan. Among the comparisons are some commenters saying it looks like a fluffy scoop of cotton candy, while others are comparing the golden color to crispy fried and breaded croquettes!

While you probably wouldn't want to take a bite out of this gingko tree, it does show another side to them when they aren't creating natural fireworks at Japanese shrines.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.