Kirby is a beloved figure in Japan, inspiring three Kirby-themed cafes, Kirby-themed traditional sweets, and countless releases of Kirby-themed merchandise. It’s easy to why... what’s not to love about this iconic video game character?

Especially his rotund figure and cute pink colour are perfect characteristics to translate into bright and cute confectionery, which is probably why for his 30th anniversary celebration, an adorable new type of candy has been made in his image.

These super cute gummy sweets have just been released into stores, and each individual sweet is a 35 mm rendition of the character, riding on a Warp Star. The gummy sweets are peach flavour to match Kirby’s pink colour, and there’s two possible poses to find. The packaging is also adorably designed, showing Kirby’s signature move of inhaling objects to gain their power.

The candy is called a ‘4D Gummy’, but at first glance it just seems to be 3D. That’s because the fourth D stands for ‘delicious’, and refers to the great taste of the gummies.

The ‘Kirby 4D Gummies’ went on sale this month, and can be found in convenience stores and supermarkets all over Japan, costing 248 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.