TikTok-famous rabbit mascot character あさみみちゃん Asamimichan is getting her first concept cafe in the Year of the Rabbit 2023!

LTR Corporation, a subsidiary of CL Holdings, Inc., will open the "First Doki Doki Café" in Shibuya, Tokyo, for a limited time from February 2nd to March 26th, 2023. Its concept is "a café where Asamimichan will be there for customers and provide them with hospitality."

According to her character bio, 25-year-old office employee Asamimichan successfully passed a challenging audition process to join the character talent agency Simple Side Mascots (Simas). She aims to be Japan's No. 1 mascot character. Asamimi-chan is a cuddly rabbit who wants to stay by your side and support you! While she loves the way you "think deeply" about things as you navigate life and all its challenges, she also hopes you'll "think shallow" once in a while. That's why her slogan is "Don't Deep [sic]"

She has 4 million followers on her TikTok account, with over 200 adorable animated shorts which have been viewed more than 200 million times in total. Here's one of them:

@asamimichaann ねぇねぇ聞いて♪#あさみみちゃん #サイマス #イラスト #アニメーション ♬ original sound - Brittany & Lily

Asamimichan's First Doki Doki Café

At the cafe, you'll not only enjoy a variety of food and drink items inspired by Asamimichan, the carrot Ninjinchan, and her other friends, but you'll also find original goods with their likenesses on them.

The menu includes an omurice dish with an image of Asamimichan sleeping peacefully on a soft bed made of eggs, a hamburger with Asamimichan on top, a classic soy-based ramen, and a healthy salad plate designed by Anemimi.

Clockwise from top left: あさみみのスヤスヤおふとんオムライス Asamimi's peaceful slumber omurice 1,650 JPY, あさみみはさまれバーガー 'Asamimi sandwiched inside' burger 1,760 JPY, あねみみのからだ想いプレート Anemimi's 'good for your body' plate 1,540 JPY, うまみみ🤍王道しょうゆラーメン Umamimi's classic soy sauce ramen 1,650 JPY.

Sweets include an adorable Asamimichan strawberry parfait, pancake in the shape of a lollipop with Kyurumimi's face, and a dorayaki cake set filled with memories of Asamimichan and Ninjinchan.

Left: あさみみからの愛うけとって🤍いちごパフェ 'Please accept love Asamimi's love' strawberry parfait 1,430 JPY, top right: きゅるみみ🤍ロリポップパンケーキ Kyurumimi's lollipop pancake 1,540 JPY, bottom right: 思い出のどら焼き風スイーツ 'Full of memories' dorayaki style sweets 1,540 JPY.

You'll also find various drinks inspired by Asamimichan and her friends.

Clockwise from top left: かけちゃうの・・・?コーラ You're going to pour that on me...? Cola 1,100 JPY, ダニーくんのビール風リンゴドリンク Danny-kun's beer-like apple drink 990 JPY, んま🤍あさみみ特製にんじんドリンク Mwah🤍 Asamimi's special carrot drink 990 JPY, あさみみ印のコーヒー牛乳 Asamimi brand coffee with milk 880 JPY. * Coffee and tea are also available for 550 JPY

As a special event, a fun birthday plate will also be available for a limited time to coincide with Asamimichan's birthday on March 3rd. The plate, あさみみバースデープレート Asamimi's birthday plate 1,650 JPY is available between March 3rd and 9th, 2023.

You'll surely enjoy a relaxing and blissful time at this pop-up café filled with Asamimichan's love as you're satiated and soothed by delicious meals and heartwarming hospitality.

Original merchandise

Here's the original merchandise you'll find at Asamimichan's First Doki Doki Café:

Clockwise from top left: Acrylic keychains 858 JPY, Acryilic stand coaster (1 of 7 chosen at random) 1,320 JPY, PVC charm 990 JPY, Heart-shaped metal badges (1 of 8 chosen at random) 605 JPY

Clockwise from top left: A4 plastic folders 660 JPY, mugs 2,750 JPY, hand towels 1,045 JPY, lunch tote bag 1,760 JPY

All prices above include tax.

Gifts for cafe customers

Not only will you get one of 3 original A5 stickers (chosen at random) if you visit the café and order something from the menu, but you'll also receive one of 8 original paper coasters (chosen at random) if you order a drink.

Pop-up shop information

  • When: February 2nd to March 26th, 2023
  • Where: BOX cafe&space SHIBUYA 109, B2F 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Reservation method: Official website (Reservation fee: 650 JPY, incl. tax. A maximum of 4 seats can be reserved).
  • Online store: Merchandise will be available online at the online store until March 19th 23:59 JST.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.