Put a twinkle in your, uh, eggs… Find out how!

Many kids in Japan likes to eat what is called “om-rice” – rice mixed with tomato ketchup wrapped in an omelet.

It’s pretty yummy as it is, but it’s not Japan if it’s left as is – we’ve got to do something about this.

So some mums started being imaginative with egg whites, making some patterns with it. It’s actually pretty easy – I’m sure you can do it too.


  • 3-4 eggs
  • 30g sugar


1. Prepare two bowls. In one bowl, put two whole eggs, two egg yolks, and sugar. On the other bowl, put two eggs worth of egg whites.

2. Using a frying pan, cook the eggs of the first bowl to create a sort of an ‘egg sheet’. It’ll be easy to make the star shapes if the egg sheet is slightly thick.

3. Once cooked, get the egg sheet off the frying pan and use a cookie-cutter. Use any shape you like.

4. Place the egg sheet back in the frying pan over low heat. Carefully put in the egg whites (the second bowl) into the empty area of the egg sheet (where you cookie-cut).

Why not give this a try when you are making a packed lunch?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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