Ginza Tatsutano has been creating traditional Japanese sweets for over 100 years.

Just in time for the summer season, they’ve come up with awesomely-decorated shaved ice too cool off that humid Japanese summer.

The Fuji shaved ice comes in two types – “Ao-Fuji” (Blue) and “Aka-Fuji” (Red).

Ao-Fuji (Blue) 900 yen

The highlight of the blue version is the yoghurt sauce – its thickness is fine-tuned to perfectly match the texture and overall flavor of the shaved ice.

When you take a bite, the special yoghurt-sauce goodness spreads in your mouth – and it gets swept away by that nice shaved-ice chill.

There is one more surprise – there is a fruit hidden in the middle. If you ever get the chance to be in Tokyo during summer, this is a must try.

Aka-Fuji (Red) 900 yen

The red version is smothered in a pretty intense raspberry sauce.

As you work your way into the shaved ice, you’ll be welcomed by cream cheese ice cream, raspberry and blueberry. The combination will turn your shaved ice into a rich, creamy goodness.

Apart from these, there are few other versions of shaved ice – like this cherry-blossom-colored “Sakura-Fuji” (900 yen).

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