On August 1, 2015, a passenger fell off the station platform on Shinagawa Station (Keikyu). As a result, the person who fell off was stuck between the train and the platform.

The station apparently did get a bit chaotic. But then, other passengers decided to help out.

The person who fell off the platform was safely rescued, and the train was running again in a few hours.

People are unsure as to who directed this rescue move. Regardless, people seem to be pleased with the action taken.

Wow - it looks like people are helping out! It's nice to know people offered to help!

I've seen something happen in Nagoya some time ago. I was on the train then, but everyone on the platform came and tilted the train to help! It was successful too!

It makes me have some faith in humanity!

A wonderful news from the first thing in the morning!

It's happened before - this one is from 2013:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.