One of the issues with beer gardens is that you can’t stay outside if it’s raining. It must be hard for people trying to organize a party during the rainy season in June and July.

We have three roofed beer gardens in Tokyo that would let you take the weather out of the equation.

Sake bistro W by Musshu (Kasumigaseki)


This beer garden has an open-space terrace with a roof. So you can enjoy the feeling of being outside without worrying about the rain.

The popular dishes here are the all the meat dishes that are cooked on a charcoal barbeque, such as pork loin, Iberian pork/Japanese beef grill, and assortment of sausages. There are also some great vegetable dishes grown in Kamakura.

Not only that, they offer a variety of drinks, including beer, sparkling wine and Japanese sake.

They sometimes offer a drink-all-you-like plan – which is a good way to get plastered at a reasonable price.

Bishoku Maimon (Shibuya)


The characteristic of Bishoku Maimon is the plant that decorates the roofed terrace.

They offer course menu with plenty of vegetables and meat – including chicken grill with basil, pork grill with salt-based sauce, boned frankfurters, and fat-marbled Japanese beef. There are some great seafood dishes too.

Sakaeya Beer Garden (Takadanobaba)


The roofed terrace in Sakaeya is surrounded by bamboo trees, which provides a nice cool visual contrast to hot humid summer.

Sakaeya has a great BBQ menu – offering variety of meat variety, as well as sausages and seafood. They also have shaved ice for dessert – a quintessential Japanese summer experience, I think.

All of these beer gardens would be really suited to a hot summer, and without having to worry about whether the weather is going to hold or not.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.