Aichi prefecture is trying to promote the region to attract more tourists. So they hired Ken Matsudaira (who is originally from Aichi) to do a promotion campaign called 'Monosugo Aichi'.

Ken Matsudaira (a.k.a. Matsuken) is well known for his appearance in Jidaigeki period drama called 'Abarenbo Shogun', where he played the shogun being disguised as a layman to spy on and eradicate all the evils in town.

His reputation changed slightly when he became popular for singing some lighthearted (and arguably comedic) music called 'Matsuken Samba'. Here's his 'Matsuken Samba IV' (it has a confusing subtitle 'Passionate Salsa'):

So how did Aichi prefecture use Ken Matsudaira in their PR piece? Like this:

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Source: Monosugo Aichi

It seems like Ken Matsudaira is happy to do whatever he's been asked to make the PR piece interesting. It does have quite a bit of impact, with a touch of laughs.

Here's a video of the promotion:

Aichi is definitely worth a visit, it is filled with great food and sights. 'Nagoya-meshi' (a range of food that is popular in Nagoya city) in particular is full of flavor, and they are often affordable too. Regardless of what you think of these promo stuff, you should definitely visit Aichi.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.