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Visiting industrial areas at night gives you a feeling of being in a futuristic Sci-Fi world.

Here, we introduce you to the Shunan Industrial Complex, which is rated as one of the five best industrial night view in Japan.

The view as seen from the Harumi Shinsui Koen is absolutely stunning.

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When you’re on the Sanyo Main Line, once you pass the Tokuyama Station, this view should be visible. Because the rail is right by the seaside, you can see the industrial area at a close distance.

Because there are many different kinds of factories in Shunan, you can see the night view of the factory from different angles.

You can always get off at Tokuyama Station and take the ferry to Otsu Island form Tokuyama Kudamatsu Harbor, you can take shots of the complex from the ocean. The ferry runs every hour or so (make sure you check the ferry timetable).

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Although industrial places are man-made structures, they offer surprisingly stunning views. If you’re the sort of person who’s not happy with the usual tourist spots – we recommend you visit these industrial complexes.

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