The anime and game ‘Yo-kai Watch’ was a big hit of 2014 in Japan. So much so that its theme song ‘Yo-kai Exercise No. 1’ was hitting the charts as well.

One thing that made the song particularly popular was the dance move – it was easy for most people (and kids) to learn, and so many, many Japanese people knew the dance quite well.

Here’s the song as danced by dance & vocal unit Dream5:

The dance moves are quite cute – it’s understandable why many kids want to copy it.

But what would happen if you get a former principal of the Tokyo Ballet Masaki Oshima to dance it?

Well, what can I say – he’s managed to keep the cuteness but added all the elegance and dynamism Ballet has to offer. I don’t know if kids would like this version though.


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.