In Japan, when there are some left-over rice, they are very often wrapped inside a plastic wrap and put into freezer for later use.

A Japanese comedian came up with a simple yet fun little idea to entertain your freezer-opening experience.

I’m the owner of these white seals – they belong in the freezer.

When the cold air emanates from the freezer as you open it and you see these cute little rice packs, it might feel as if you are in Antarctica.

So we decided to make some ourselves. It’s pretty simple – you just have to wrap some rice.


Although we wanted to create shapes to make it look more like a seal, but it was a bit too hot to handle. If you are trying to make one yourself, be very careful not to burn yourself!


Then you just have to draw eyes and mouth like this. Not bad, we reckon.


Now you have these cute little seals waiting for you when you open the freezer.


It’s pretty simple, but it does liven up the time you spend in the kitchen a little. You can even try different animals or characters.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.