There are various tourist spots throughout Japan that are advertised as being ‘a place for couples to visit’.

‘Angel Road’ in Shodoshima, Kagawa is a beautiful spot where the path only appears during low tide.

The path is approximately 500 meters long. Legend has it that if couples walk this path while holding hands would lead to happiness.

Many couples heard about it, and are visiting this romantic spot. Movies and TV dramas are being shot here as well.

At a hill near the spot is there is a ‘promise hill’ lookout. Some couples rings the ‘bell of happiness’ to take the pledge of love everlasting.

You can also write signs with their wishes written on it, and place it on the Angel Road or the lookout. Visitors write not only about love, but other things as well.

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The Angel Road can be crossed at about 3 hours prior to low tide – this is the best time to visit because that’s the time when there’s the least amount of footprints.

If you are going through Shikoku area of Japan, consider visiting this place as well.


Take the Shodoshima Bus bound for Kose from Tonoshoko and get off at Kokusai Hotel (approx. 11 minutes). It is 5-minute walk from Kokusai Hotel. There is also a free car park.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.