In terms of taste, this blue-colored curry is a standard-issue Japanese curry. However, this not-so-appetizing color is achieved through the use of Nemophilas.

Because of its freaky color, many people are taking photos of it and uploading them to social network.

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Most people who posted the photos say the taste is quite normal, but perhaps because of its looks, some do say it doesn’t taste very good.

Try it at home!

You can eat this at a garden restaurant in Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki prefecture.

However, you can also purchase a retort version to take home.

As at April 30, the Nemophila curry is 750 yen (approx.6.00USD) when you eat at the restaurant, and the takeout pouch costs 450 yen (approx. 3.64USD).

Soft serve ice cream

As a contrast to the blue curry, this Nemophila ice cream actually looks quite good. This is also on sale at the Hitachi Seaside Park.

This soda-flavored blue soft serve ice cream is on sale for 300 yen (approx. 2.40USD).

These blue-colored food is available for a limited time only – do check the menu first before you pay a visit.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.