Anime has become one of the main staples of Japanese culture. According to one online forum, there is at least 15 million anime fans worldwide.

So in a way, it makes sense for Japanese companies to use anime to promote the company or their products.

Master of Torque

When Yamaha released their new motorcycle MT-09, they’ve decided to make an anime series called ‘Master of Torque’.


According to their ‘Master of Torque’ website, the synopsis to Season 1 of the anime series is as follows:

It is Tokyo, Japan in the year 2017, just three years before the city’s hosting of the Olympic Games.

Throughout the city, the Shutoko metropolitan highway system is being dismantled and renovated, and new areas and facilities are being constructed, all at a feverish pace.

Its headquarters located in Tokyo’s Gaien-mae district, the Hyuga Corporation is a massive firm that has succeeded in pioneering the practical use of artificial muscle fibers. The company is growing rapidly as it launches numerous products that supplement human physical functions.

Dan Amo works in the General Affairs department of Hyuga Corp. while living with his aunt, Sanae. By day, he is a nondescript salaryman, but at night, he relishes the sense of fulfillment he gets from riding his motorcycle housed at Sanae’s Genesis Café in the nearby Aoyama district. His natural-born riding talent and instincts mean hopeful pursuers only ever see the back of his motorcycle, and has won him the nickname of “Zebra” among the riders of Route 246.

However, Dan appears to be the target of a mysterious group of riders...who are in turn the target of motorcycle-riding freelance journalist, Makina Mikage. Then another rider appears on the scene in Kotaro Hyuga, the heir to the Hyuga Corp. presidency.

The threads of an unescapable fate begin to draw these three young riders together...

Quoted from Master of the Torque website

Almost 20 minutes long, the plot for Season 1 seems to be properly developed. As for the quality of the anime, the CG-intensive riding scenes are pretty impressive; we want to give a thumbs up for the level of detail they put into making the motorcycles look like the real thing. Here is Episode 1 of Season 1:

Voice actors are no slouch, either – for example, Dan Amo, the main character of the anime, is played by Hirofumi Nojima, who has starred in Kuroko's Basketball and Kingdom. (Right: Hirofumi Nojima)

Also a great alternative guide to Tokyo

The other great part of this anime is that it is set in Japan (mostly Tokyo) – that means they exist in real life.

To complement the anime, Yamaha has a special website in which they provide readers with guides to each location that was showcased in the anime, and they are quite detailed. You might actually learn more about each location than some guidebooks.

But that’s not all – the website introduces some delicacies that were shown in the anime, even iced coffee.

The website is not only for motorcycle enthusiasts and anime fans – it’s extremely useful for tourists visiting Japan as well. Even if you are not, we think the website offers a great view into what Tokyo and Japan is really like – so do check out their website!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.