Some people just can’t get to grips with maths, but some people are totally fascinated with it.

This high school student (@oritomo920) is so fascinated with maths, he worked out how to mathematically draw one of the most famous Japanese anime character Doraemon.


Source: @oritomo920

At the time when he mathematically drew Doraemon, he’s just started his 3rd year of high school. Many of the formulae used for the Doraemon rendition are from 3rd year mathematics, which he claims to have studied for only 7 hours.

Here are the formulae used to create Doraemon:


Source: @oritomo920

Compared to his Doraemon in his 1st year of high school (below), his 3rd year’s version is a remarkable improvement.


Source: @oritomo920

The way this high school student finds enjoyable methods to study is something we could all learn from. I wonder how he would come up with formulae of other anime characters...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.