Many, many Japanese people are totally hooked with pancakes these days. Cafés and pancake specialist shops are working really hard to make some special pancakes to attract more people to the shop.

Here’s a pancake “gram” came up – it’s called the “premium pancake”. It already looks quite amazing.

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You can imagine the soft texture of the pancake just by looking at it. They become available at 11am, 3pm, and 6pm – and at each time, only 20 dishes are available.

They begin making it only after taking the order – they put some fresh cream, butter and syrup into the batter as well. And the size should fill most people’s stomach without problems.

Even if you miss out on the premium pancake, gram has other interesting pancakes, like the fruit pancake:

Apple and tea cream pancake:

The pancakes at gram has become a real hit in the Kansai region and they now have 9 branches – if you are a big pancake fan and happen to make your way to Kansai region, do try and visit them.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.