For visitors to Japan, going to a convenience store should bring excitement as it is filled with a lot of interesting products on the shelves.

Here is one example – Fruit Mix Daifuku. Lawson released this new sweets on May 2015. It is stuffed with milk cream, red-bean paste, and fruit, all wrapped with a soft gelatinous-rice skin.


When you open this daifuku with a spoon, cream and fruits are revealed. A sweet refreshing aroma of banana is also present.

The outer skin is so soft – because it starts to melt a bit, it’s important to have your spoon ready.


The milk mousse in the daifuku is not overtly sweet – just right. On top of that, the combination of the things inside the daifuku makes a great medley of sweet tastes. However ways you tackle the sweet, it doesn’t seem to let you down.


Because there are many convenience stores in competition with each other, each convenience store franchise works hard to come up with interesting products. So do have a look around at each franchise and have a go – most products aren’t very expensive, so it won’t break your bank by trying a few products.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.