A traditional glass craftsman have put in Mt. Fuji – a symbolic mountain for many Japanese – into a small rock glass.

At the base of the rock glass is the snow-covered Mt. Fuji. Despite it being miniature, its presence is quite impressive. As you pour drinks into the glass, the expression of the mountain changes.

This rock glass was made by Tajima Glass, which was founded in 1956. It is made using a traditional Edo Glass manufacturing method.

Each glass is intricately made by hand.

It is made by pouring glass into the mold, and the shape is formed by blowing into it. The snow part is made using a sand blaster.


This beautiful glass was showcased on TV, and many orders were being placed. However, because it is handmade, it would be months before you actually receive the glass.

The glass costs 5,400 yen (40.00 USD). The size is about 9 cm in diameter and 9.2 cm in height. The weight is approximately 300 g.

It may be a little self-indulgent, but it must be a bliss drinking out of this magnificent glass.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.