It seems that idol has become accepted within Japan as a popular genre. The popularity of girl groups such as AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z has helped push the general public to embrace this form of entertainment.

One of the essential elements to idol events is the drive and enthusiasm of the audience. Ways in which fans cheer, shout and dance is remarkable - it might seem odd, but most of these enthusiastic fans are serious about contributing to the event while having fun.

Here are some examples of what these idol otakus do...

Going round and round

Dance moves with pen lights actually look quite remarkable

...but if you don't have a pen light and the sun's out, use anything, even a rice spoon

Idol unit: Bandjanaimon!

Gather up and get even more excited

Idol unit: Honey Spice

Practice makes perfect

They'll do it even when they're half asleep

These fans are so excited they're not even looking at the stage

Idol unit: Cheeky Parade

...and these guys aren't even in the event and they're still going crazy

Idol name: Miki Fujimoto

Well... you don't have to go crazy

By - grape Japan editorial staff.