How To Tell Whether A Cat Is Dehydrated Or Not?

Becoming dehydrated can be scary - it can even lead to deaths. Furthermore, it is not only humans who might suffer from it - even your cats can become dehydrated.

According to one Twitter user (@ve_drug) there is a simple way to determine whether your cat is dehydrated or not. It is to:

Gently pinch the back of the cat (around itsscapula).

Because cats naturally don't drink a lot of water, people might be worried about their cats if they own one. A simple way to find out whether a cat is dehydrated or not is to pinch on their back. If the skin returns to its original position then the cat is ok. If the skin takes a while to return (slower than in the video), it suggests that the cat may be slightly dehydrated.

This method also works on hamsters. Gently pinch and/or lift the cat's back or stomach every now and then to make sure your cat's ok.

However, do remember that this is a guide only - make sure you see your vet if you are unsure.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.