Sakura cherry blossom is recognized globally as one of the 'quintessentially Japanese' scenery.

It robs many Japanese people's hearts not only through its beauty, but also due to the fact that the blossom only lasts for several days.

We found some spectacular photos of cherry blossom on Twitter - we think they are a must-see.

Motoarakawa, Saitama

Shot by @naganano2113000

I went to view a Yozakura (Sakura at night) at Motoarakawa. It might have been slightly darker than last year, but it was extremely beautiful.

Sakura with Mt. Fuji as a backdrop

Shot by @tarofujisan1


Source: @tarofujisan1

Roppongi, Tokyo

Shot by @roseaki


Source: @roseaki

Sakura I saw at midtown after work was stunning!

Daigoji, Kyoto

Shot by @hiyokomame_kg


Source: @hiyokomame_kg


Source: @hiyokomame_kg


Source: @hiyokomame_kg


Source: @hiyokomame_kg

I went to Daigoji in Kyoto! Lots of sakura was blossoming and it was beautiful. I think I've taken shots of the falling flower petals well.

Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Takada Senbonzakura, Nara

Shot by @keeeeengo_tora


Source: @keeeeengo_tora


Source: @keeeeengo_tora

Senbon-zakura by Takada river at night.

Sakura and Tokyo tower

Shot by @_murayama

Near the Imperial Palace

Shot by @_murayama

Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo

Shot by @_murayama

The way sakura petals were falling at Chidorigafuchi this morning was stunning.

It feels as if there was a snowfall in Chidorigafuchi this morning.

Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo (Night)

Shot by @photo_pumpum


Source: @photo_pumpum

[Taken a shot of] sakura at Chidorigafuchi from a famous spot!

Sakura and lunar eclipse

Shot by @kagedan_3

Shot by @_murayama

There was a lunar eclipse tonight. I was able to see a red moon through cherry blossom.

These are examples of how breathtaking cherry blossom can be. If you are visiting Japan during April, don't miss cherry blossom!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.