Yes, you read it right - it's an eraser with a tire tread pattern. Yokohama Rubber makes erasers that replicates tread patterns of their own tires.

The product is catching on quite well - people are already asking for other tire patterns to be released.

If we're talking about Neova, then I'd love to see asymmetrical AD05.06 pattern - I fell in love with that pattern when I was driving hard.

I'm impressed that you have dry and wet versions, but I want to take the eraser to major exams which are during winter. So we need a stud-less or a rally spike pattern! lol

Can we have Advan Type D or GT Special 350?

This cool eraser is available for purchase at a Yokohama booth in SUPER GT weekends. If you can't make it to those, you can purchase online (It only delivers to addresses within Japan, unfortunately).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.