If you follow America's Got Talent, then you would have already seen Shiro-A wowing the stage, convincing Piers Morgan to push the golden buzzer.

If you haven't, then you might be in for a treat. This dance group fuses technology into their act to create a sort of an optical illusion.

Here's one of their act, it's called the 'barcode man'. After a while, it becomes harder to figure out who are the real dancers and what are videos of dancers.

Who are they?

Shiro-A was formed in Sendai in 2002, since then, the group is trotting the world to perform.

The group offers an entertainment based on a fusion of techno sound, images and performance.

There is also a meaning to the group's name. Shiro means white in Japanese; the group wanted to use the word white to suggest that the group does not belong to any color. They added A at the end to suggest that the group is unidentifiable.

Performances at America's Got Talent

With their awe-inspiring and dynamic acts, Shiro-A has stunned the audience and judges alike at America's Got Talent

When Shiro-A made it through round 3, one of the members FUMIYA commented on the group's official blog:

We received the best standing ovation so far in our career. The speed in which the audience leaped off their seats, and the length in which they stayed off their seats...

From Shiro-A's Official Website

Here are Shiro-A's performances in rounds 2 and 3:

Round 2

Round 3

The combination of sound, vision and motion really catches attention. I wonder how much work they have put in to achieve this.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.