The Stardust Theater in Haramura has been continuing for 30 years. Its main feature is to enjoy nature and the stars as you watch movies. It is especially popular among couples who are looking for a romantic night out. It is also great for anyone who is looking for something different in their movie-going life.

In 2015, the outdoor theater is showing 'Cinderalla', 'Big Hero 6', 'The Sound of Music', 'Climbing to Spring', 'Begin Again', 'The Castle of Cagliostro', 'Birigal', 'Lightening in a Bottle', and 'Arayashiki no Junin Tachi'.

The movie begins every night from 8pm in an outdoor stage set up within Yatsugatake Natural and Culture Park in Haramura, Nagano. Even if you've seen these movies in the past, watching them again in this special environment might lead you to see it the stories in a different light.

I watched the Sound of Music at the Stardust Theater. It is a classic - I enjoyed it a lot. Mishakaike pond that I went on the way to the theater was great too... The pond was quiet and relaxing, yet there is feeling of a strong 'force' there.

Last night I went to the Stardust Theater and watched Big Hero 6. Although there was a strong thunder nearby and it rained, it was still good. I want to go again before the season ends.

There is no pre-booking available for children. Adults are able to purchase tickets on the day for 1,200 yen (approx. 10.00 USD). The 'doors' open at 7pm and it is free seating. Since the theater is outdoors, there is no strict limitation on audience numbers. However, it would be worthwhile to get there early to get a good spot.

Since it is about 3 hours from Tokyo, most people would be looking for somewhere to stay for the night. There are fair amount of accommodation nearby, including Aburaya Ryokan, which has been running for 100 years.

This year's festival will end on August 23, so if you cannot make it this year, try it next year - it should be a good night out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.