Fireworks is a highlight of summer in the minds of Japanese people. Because of the effort pyrotechnicians have to put in to make the event memorable, we sometimes wonder whether there is any way to thank them.

A large fireworks at the Nagaoka festival is know to one of the three major fireworks event in Japan. Some say that seeing the fireworks there will change your perception of fireworks forever.

Another feature of the fireworks at the Nagaoka festival is the message between the audience and pyrotechnicians.

This fireworks event originated from 'recovery' festival commemorating the air raid on August 1, 1945. At the event, one of the largest fireworks are shown. The scale of which makes some audience move to tears.

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And at the end of the fireworks, it's the audience's turn to say thanks to the people who's been working on the fireworks all night. They use their smartphones or torches and direct them towards the pyrotechnicians:

I think it's a nice touch from the audience - I bet it made the pyrotechnicians happy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.