Have you ever been late to work or school? In this high school student's case, her class is on the third floor.

So she does this (don't ever do this yourself):

After dropping her bag on the ground, the girl climbs straight up the school building.


Source: YouTube

The way she makes her way up the building is like watching Spider-man:


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

Is this for real? Well, sort of - this is a promotional video for a mobile data provider who offers unlimited data, so you won't get cut off in the middle of streaming a video.

But the climber is a high school girl, but she is a professional climber. Born in 1998, Miwa Oba even represents Japan for IFSC Climbing World Cup. Here's Oba climbing a 150-degree wall 3 years ago - it's as if she is climbing a ceiling!

For the shoot, she climbed the building about 20 times under a harness. Considering that the temperature was well over 35 degrees centigrade, it must been a hard work.


We reckon she's pretty cool - hope she'll continue to be successful in the world of sport climbing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.