Source: ekoD Works

Making Fantasy Come True: Tanima (Cleavage) Diver

Diving into women's cleavage... It is definitely something I have fantasized a few times in my life... Well, this accessory visualizes that 'dream'!

It's called "Tanima Diver". 'Tanima' basically means 'cleavage' in Japanese. It features a figure of a 'diver' attempting to 'dive' into the wearer's cleavage. You might be surprised, but Tanima Diver has won over the hearts of many women, too.


Source: ekoD Works


Source: ekoD Works

Since it was released in December 2014, the initial lot was sold out in just 2 months.

They even made a photo book for 'better appreciation' of Tanima Diver:


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And here's a video mocking an informercial. We normally give you a rough translation of the video, but we think in this case, pictures speak louder than words...

But remember - this is fantasy only! I suggest we all keep our fantasies to ourselves!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.