No matter who it is, it's so nice when someone makes a packed lunch for you. Sometimes, it can be a good communication tool between a husband and a wife. Depending on your partner's mood, the quality of the lunch might go up or down.

In this video, a husband made his wife mad. When he apologized, she seems okay about it:


Well, if you get a big steak like this for lunch, then I guess you're ok. But no - this was actually a trap!

Using a smartphone to trick someone with their packed lunch is kind of interesting. With this, you could also get a pleasant surprise too, like these:

10125_03 10125_04

In this day and age - with emails and online messaging - communication can become a bit heartless and mechanical. Even if it's non-verbal, communicating through means like a homemade lunch box could be a good idea.

The finishing touch is a simple thanks when you come home at the end of the day. Saying that face to face is probably the best way to go.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.