On the coast of Fukushima, there is a very popular aquarium called "Aquamarine Fukushima". With stunning presentation, it's a great place to see marine life.

After the great Tohoku earthquake in 2011, it had once lost its vitality - but now the aquarium has regained its momentum, with many people visiting the place.

"FORCE ELEMENTS" - a dance unit comprising of three teenage dancers (TAKUMI, KANATA and Yuya) - shot a video showing off their moves in this iconic aquarium.

The trio goes to the same dance school in Fukushima, and they even won the intermediate school division of the street dance competition "Dance Cup 2015".

By shooting a dance video, this highly able dance unit wanted to spice up the earthquake-ridden area to vitalize the region even more. Enjoy the video:

Quite a performance! They even choreographed the dance by themselves!

Hope this might raise interests in visiting Fukushima. Also featured in the video are Iwaki Marine Tower and Shioyazaki Lighthouse - all great tourist spots on the coastal side of Fukushima. It's simply beautiful.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.