There is an old saying in sports to promote teamwork: "Play for the name on the front of your jersey (the team name), not the one on the back! (your own name)". However, this cute American couple in St. Louis, Missouri has put that motto to the test with matching baseball jerseys.


Source: YouTube

Warren and Carol Reckmeyer root for opposing baseball teams, but show their united love for the game and one another with coordinated jerseys. Seeing Warren (a St. Louis Cardinals fan) and Carol (A San Francisco Giants fan) smiling and sitting together at baseball games is enough to make you appreciate their rivalry-tested love, but it's what's written on the back of their jerseys that really drives the winning run home.


Source: @nbcbayarea

"Together Since 1952."

The romantic slogan they wear on their backs is adorable enough on its own, but also lets us reflect on how love can truly stand the test of time--as well as 63 years of rooting against one another!

Watch the video to appreciate a bond that wins every game.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.