There are many young students in Japan who have not been coping with school life - so much so that they refuse to go to school. The reason is wide ranging from their school performance to their relationship with classmates.

When this issue is reasonably widespread throughout Japan, on August 25, a tweet was sent by Kamakura City Library (@kamakura_tosyok), which has been retweeted more than 60,000 times because of its heartwarming message. Here's the tweet (and its translation) in full:

The second term is starting soon. If you feel that it's too much for you to go to school, then skip school and come to the library. We have comics and light novels too. No one is going to say anything even if you stay all day. If you thought of dying because you don't want to go to school - don't. Remember that you can find shelter at libraries.


By sending this tweet, this library offered a helping hand to those students who are emotionally struggling. This message had touched the hearts of many:

This tweet is surely going to help someone! Let's go to the library if life's tough.


Such a warmhearted message. I wish someone told me this when I was younger...


This message healed my younger self. It should also touch adults!


It's not that students are free to skip school, but we're sure that such message would provide some sort of relief to all those students who are struggling.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.