Although both are beloved by all, the concept of combining butts and cookies doesn’t initially sound so appealing. However, a recent surge of “butt cookies” on Japanese Instagrams has proven the idea to be quite cute! Check out this assortment of snacks that really let you eat with your eyes:

You can start by cutting some heart-shaped cookies just right and turning everyone's inner beauty into our favorite external asset!

Then you can use icing to add on the panties of your choosing. We all have our own preferences, of course. (Although I can't seem to get my Putin polka-dots to fit...)

If you can get your hands on an icing pen, craft a message for your loved ones!

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Having some trouble with the icing? If you leave the corners uncut, you can turn the design into an easy-to-make bra!

Or make them both for a top and bottom set!

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Oooo la-la, you can even get a little racy!

Once you line them up, they'll be busting out of the oven!

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How do you think your friends would like to get cookies like these? Boy or girl, these are something to have a good laugh about while eating!

You don't really need to be a seasoned baker to whip up a set of these, so the next time you and your friends are in the mood for some snacks, why not treat everyone to something that will satisfy your humor and hunger at the same time? Enjoy!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.