If Totoro isn't Studio Ghibli's most popular character, the big and cuddly keeper of the forest is sure in contention for the top spot.

Totoro has become somewhat of a standard-bearer or mascot for the cuteness and childlike charm of Studio Ghibli's works, becoming a merchandise titan and even a crossover character. This makes it no surprise that the beloved film's vivid colors and jovial nature have now found a home in the baking world! Instagram and other social media outlets have begun to host an influx of creative cakes inspired by Totoro and the world he lives in. If you're interested in putting together such a cake for a special someone, check out these accounts and see if there are any step-by-step instructions included. If not, well, you can just bring out the kid in you and eyeball it! Enjoy!

We'd be remiss not to include on of the ever-popular Cat Bus!

And of course, we probably don't need to be reminded of how much he likes to sleep, but still...

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With a guest appearance from No-Face!

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