By now many people seem to be familiar with the story of Tama the cat, an unusual but very popular honorary stationmaster at the financially struggling Kishi Station in Wakayama prefecture. She is credited with reviving the station, as she attracted visitors from all over the world who wanted to see the fabled calico officer.

Her recent and tragic passing even resulted in a proper funeral, attended by roughly 3,000 people. However, after a period of mourning, the station has found a successor in a new cat—Nitama. (Ni = 2, so Tama II.)

President of the Wakayama Electric Railway, Mitsunobu Kojima, has deemed it the right time for a new cat to take up the mantle, and had nothing but glowing remarks about Nitama's capability. She appears to have quite the resume, which of according to Kojima, includes no aversion to wearing a hat, being comfortable around people, and direct teaching experiences from Tama. Nitama is even the "first graduate of training school for Cat Stationmaster."

The original Tama is still regarded as a guardian of the station, so she is there in spirit to watch her successor follow in her pawsteps!

So of course Nitama made sure to pay her respects to the cat that meowed the way for her.

With Tama having so many adoring fans worldwide, it's going to take all nine lives worth to reach that sort of rockstar status. However, it seems like she is ready for it. And if she ever has any worries, she can look at this clip of Tama doing her duty as research. It seems pretty cushy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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