Excess of vanity... that's what some people might think of when looking at pictures that some famous celebrities post on their Instagram account.

Yes - they are famous, and they've achieved a lot, and often quite attractive. But there are times I think that it's a little too much to bear... perhaps it's partly jealousy.

Then we came across comedian Celeste Barber, who does a fantastic parody of these 'celeb pics' on her Instagram account:

1. Kim-Ye

Yeah, I guess you don't often see sticking a tongue on someone's mouth in public - but you can on Instagram!

2. Miranda Kerr

I always wondered if it is more convincing or less convincing when a celebrity tells you that you should be who you are... since they are often just drop dead gorgeous. I reckon Celeste Barber's 'message' is a little more honest lol.

3. Serena Williams

Yeah, sorry - reality check. I'm nowhere near as fit as you, Serena...

4. Justin Bieber

Yeah, I prefer something a little less hazardous too...

5. Lucy Hale

Hey, watch that dude behind you.

5. Kim Kardashian

Reality check again... Like, we're totally gonna be sexy 24/7, even when we're half asleep...right??

6. Gisele Bundchen

Yep - that flying hair on the beach is so f---in' amazing...

7. Miranda Kerr (again)

I guess a burger and some chips like this would go over 1000 calories. And what is it going to do with my body? Absolutely nothing.

I think Celeste Barber's Instagram account is fantastic - there's a lot more to check out (@celestebarber), and I'm sure there's more to come.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.