The Shiba may be one of the canine champions of the internet’s affection, but it’s about time that the Akita get some attention!

If you don’t know, Akita are a large breed of dog with roots in northern Japan. They can come in different shapes and sizes, but they typically come out looking like a Shiba that has been pumped full of fluffy steroids—somewhat of a Japanese Husky.

For both the uninitiated and Akita fans alike, there is a popular Japanese YouTube channel where you can watch a running series about a very friendly Akita and his old lady owner. They’re cute on their own, but their odd-couple interactions are priceless. Check out these samples and then the whole channel!

Here's an introduction to the Akita, reacting with excitement after finding his owner, who was hiding from him!

Or have fun with his habit of being surprised by his own farts! (And sniffing them in the second video)

My personal favorite, where you'll laugh at what he's in such a hurry to get home for!

Here he is treated to some udon noodles--but they are too hot for him, so he licks the table to cool down!

But it's probably his close friendship with the granny that takes care of him that we like the most.

Be sure to check out the channel for ever more clips!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.