Shower. Whether you are winding down after a long day, or you are pumping up for the day ahead (or anything in between), it is a comfortable private zone for many. So it's tempting to stay - just a little longer than you need to.

But on average, water flows from the shower at a rate of 7.9 liters per minute (2.1 gallons per minute). Now that's a lot of water. We could ask ourselves whether it is really okay to be using so much water.

"Spiky" by Elisabeth Buecher is intended to raise that question. This art installation features air-inflatable "spikes" on the wall. It stays deflated at first, but if you stay in the shower for more than 4 minutes, they will inflate, leaving the shower user no choice but to stop and get out of the shower altogether.

Although "Spiky" is not a product, it does get you thinking a bit about where water comes from and how (and how much) we should use it.

Do check out her other artwork - many of them are as provocative as this one... (

By - grape Japan editorial staff.