You might imagine a small child crying over the death of a character or a sad scene in a book, but this little tike is bawling for a different reason—he just doesn’t want the story to end!

The little baby boy has figured out at a young age a feeling that seasoned booklovers know all too painfully—the end of a good page-turner can leave an absolutely crushing void in you. Watch as he absolutely breaks down into an adorable mess of tears each time his favorite story ends!


Source: YouTube

As you can see, he cries to the point of collapsing. Even when his mother tries to console him by restarting the story, his recovery only lasts for so long before he starts wailing all over again!

Hang in there, kid--finishing books is always tough. I mean, if you start crying now, what are you going to do when they make you write reports about them?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.