Coined as "the first really professional PC-based VR headset", Oculus Rift has been getting a lot of attention, especially in the world of gaming. Applications are being developed globally for Oculus Rift, from gaming to industrial non-gaming purposes.


Source: Oculus

Meanwhile, a nonprofit organization called Oculus Festival Japan has been hosting "OcuFes" throughout Japan. It's a series of exhibition events to showcase virtual reality and to make it more popular.

A recent OcuFes that was held in Akihabara in August 2015 was one of the largest so far, with over 50 contents. People visiting the event were able to experience these freshly-developed VR applications first hand.



One visitor (who's posted a full report of the exhibition here) managed to shoot a video of this Japanese guy seemingly humping a inflatable doll:

As far as what we can catch in the audio of this video, this privately-developed game only needs a smartphone to play - you can attach it to a pillow for an equivalent playing experience.

A staff in the video explains that they were unable to showcase anything that were overtly "exotic", so despite the seemingly-explicit content of the video, all this guy is doing is moving his pelvis to score points. And as the report states, your score depends on the number of thrusts you make.


Source: YouTube

Uh, well... whatever takes your fancy, I guess.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.